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6th Sunday of Easter

Sacred Heart Cathedral
1, Ashok Place, New Delhi.

Church Notices   6th Sunday of Easter                       1st May, 2016
1.Dear brothers and sisters, as you are well aware, the month of May is dedicated to Mother Mary. As is the usual custom in our Cathedral, we will pray the Rosary everyday in front of the Grotto throughout the month of May at 06.00 pm followed by the Holy Eucharist in the Church. All the parishioners are requested to join in this Marian devotion.

2.We wish all the catechism children a very happy annual day-2016 as we also appreciate and thank all the catechism teachers for their generous and invaluable support throughout the year. We would like to inform all the children that the catechism classes will resume from the second Sunday of the month of July.  

3.Our Parish Directory will be available at Rs. 50 per copy at the help Desk. We request every registered member of this parish to get a copy of the Directory.

4.We have already begun the Annual Easter blessing in our parish. If there is any change in your address, kindly inform the same to the Parish Fathers.

5.Voice of Delhi and Dilli Vani is available at the help desk. Kindly buy a copy for yourself.

      Feasts in the coming week: 3rd May – Sts. Philip & James 
                                            6th May – St. Dominic Savio

Fr. Maria Susai
Parish Priest