Read Notices


1.  The month of May, special dedication to Maryour Mother, will be concluded on the 31st of this month withsolemnity. We will pray the Rosary at the grotto at 5:45pm followed by aprocession to the Church. The Holy Mass will be at 6:30pm. Kindly participatethe Holy Services with your family and obtain favours through the intercessionof our Blessed Mother.


2. During the Annual Easter blessing, if your houseis not blessed till now, please do inform the SCC Coordinators or the ParishFathers.


3. Students who want to avail Fr. Luca Education Scholarship maycollect the forms from the Parish Office. The last date for collecting theforms will be the first week of June, 2019.


4. Diocesan Community Centre Library is organizing Summer HolidayHobby classes: Art (Drawing, Painting) Dance (Western, Bollywood)& Music (Piano, Guitar) by trained professionals during the summer holidaysthis year from 27th May-2018 to 21st June, 2019 at DCCLibrary Campus. Last date for enrolment: 25th May 2019. Course fee:Rs. 800/-.


5. Niscort Media College opens admissions and summer courses till May 31st,2019.

6. We appreciate all members of St. Sebastian SCC Unit & St. ThomasSCC Unit for animating the Liturgy for 09.00 am and 10:15 am Mass respectively.


7.Next Sunday’s Liturgy for 9am and 10:15am mass willbe animated by St. Alphonsa SCC Unit and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SCC Unitrespectively.



Fr. LawrencePR