Read Notices


1.  Next Sunday being the second Sunday of the month we will have the second collection for the Seminary Fund.


2. Most of the houses in the Parish are blessed. Incase your house is not blessed yet, please do inform the SCC Coordinators or the Parish Fathers.


3. Students who want to avail Fr. Luca Education Scholarship may collect the forms from the Parish Office. The last date for collecting the forms will be the 09th of  June, 2019.


4. Special thanks to the Legion of Mary of our Parish for conducting Rosary for the month of May. Thanks to allthe SCC Coordinators for organizing Rosary in the respective Areas.


5. We appreciate all members of St. Alphonsa SCC Unit and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SCC Unit respectively for animating the Liturgy for 09.00 am and 10:15 am Mass.


Fr. Lawrence PR

Parish Priest