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 4th Sunday of Advent


21st December, 2014

1.     Dear friends, as it was informed last Sunday,We will have a special collection today at all masses to support the parishioners of Dilshad garden church which was burnt mysteriously. We request you to contribute generously towards this endeavour. 

2.     During this festive season, Our Parish is organizing a “Carol Singing Programme” conducted by a special team of talented musicians and singers this evening from 7.15 pm to 8.15 pm.  We cordially invite all of you to come and join us to celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus as one parish family.

3.     We request all the SCC coordinators, Arearepresentatives, and the Catholic Association members to initiate and organize“Carol Singing” in your respectiveareas. Kindly ensure that you inform the same to the parish fathers so that wetoo would be part of your Joy. We request all the parishioners to kindlyco-operate with the representatives.

4.     Dear Brothers and sisters kindly note that we will begin the solemn bilingual Christmas Vigil Service at 11.30 pm (on 24th night) in Columba’s school ground by singing the carols. On theday of Christmas, we will have only two masses and the mass timings will be asfollows: 9am – English Mass, 10.30am- Hindi Mass. Kindly note that there won’tbe any evening service in the church and also no masses in the mass centres.

5.     Sacrament of Reconciliation is a noble gift of the Catholic Church to its faithful where we are cleansed and absolved of our weaknesses and sinfulness. We highly recommend and urge all our parishioners to make their confessions (tomorrow) on 22nd (Monday) December from 5 pm onwards. Kindly make the best use of this opportunity to prepare spiritually for Our Lord’s Nativity.

6.     As we are going to celebrate our Parish Christmas tree programme on the 28th of December at Columba’s school ground, we request you to collect Lunch coupons costing Rs. 60 from Catholic Association members before 25th of December. After this date the lunch coupons will be sold for Rs. 100 per person. Games and other entertainment programme will be organized for our children and all our parishioners.We request all our parishioners to take part in the Christmas tree celebration without fail.

7.     It has become a usual custom during Christmas that we lend sweaters, shawls, blankets etc. to the poor to help them beat the chilling cold. Cereals like rice, pulses, wheat flour, etc. are also given to them through the society of the St. Vincent de Paul. We request all of you to support St. Vincent de Paul Association in this generous and noble task.

8.      Our Catholic Association members have put up a stall where Christmas Cakes, greeting cards,stars and Parish Calendars for the year 2015 are sold at a reasonable price. We request all of you to avail of this stall.

9.     Feastsin the coming week:  26th Dec– St. Stephen

                                         27thDec – St. John the Apostle 

Parish Priest