Read Notices


1.  Thanks to all the benefactors, association members for the generous contribution of your time and resources in organising the Christmas Celebrations in a meaningful way.
2.  Next Sunday there will be a meeting of Parish Council soon after the 9.00 am Mass. All the outgoing members are requested to attend the meeting.
3.  Today we celebrate the Christmas Tree. Thanks to the Youth and CA members for organizing the Christmas tree celebrations. Soon after the 9.30 combined mass please proceed to CJM ground for the games.
4.  Today we celebrate the Holy family Feast. This year we are honoring all the couples who got married in the 1992 onwards. Today evening 6 o clock mass will be offered for all the couples who have completed 25 years in the married life.  We also will celebrate the couples who have completed more than 40 years of their marriage.
5.  We have a children’s choir in this parish. All those children who are interested to join the choir are requested to come for practices every Saturday at 3:30 pm at the Maria Bhawan Basement.
6.  Thanks to All the Children of our parish for animating the liturgy today along with St. Francis Xavier SCC unit.
7.  Next Sunday, the Liturgy for 9.00 am Mass will be animated by St. Thomas SCC unit and 10:15 am mass will be animated by St Mother Theresa SCC unit respectively.
8.  Kindly pay your Church Support Fund regularly at the Help Desk.
9.  Parish Calendars and stars are available in front of Maria Bhawan.

Fr Lawrence
Parish Priest