Read Notices


1.  Parish Council meeting which is scheduled for today has been postponed to 19th January, 2020.
2.  Next Saturday 11th January, there will be Church cleaning. It’s open to all. Kindly be available by 9.30 am.
3.  Next Sunday, there will be a meeting of the Catholic Association soon after the 9.00 am mass. All CA members are requested to attend the meeting.
4.  We have a children’s choir in this parish. All those children who are interested to join the choir are requested to come for practices every Saturday at 3:30 pm at the Maria Bhawan basement.
5.  Thanks to St Thomas SCC Unit and St. Mother Teresa SCC Unit for animating the 9.00 am mass and 10.15 am mass respectively. Next Sunday, the 9.00 am mass will be animated by St. Alphonsa SCC Unit and 10.15 am mass by Our Lady of Mount Carmel SCC Unit.
6.  Next Sunday there will be Second Collection for the Seminary Fund.
7.  Kindly pay your Church Support Fund regularly at the Help Desk.
8.  Parish Calendars are available for sale at Help Desk.

Fr Lawrence
Parish Priest