Read Notices


1.  Today we celebrate the Missionary Childhood Sunday. A second collection is being taken for the holy Childhood Society. Envelops are available for your contribution for the Holy childhood society. Those who have taken the envelopes earlier are requested to bring back the same with your contributions by next Sunday. 

2.  Today there is the meeting of the Catholic Association immediately after the 9.00 am mass. All the CA members are requested to attend the meeting.

3.   Thanks to St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier SCC units respectively for animating the liturgy today.

4.  Next Sunday, the 9.00 am and 10.15 Masses will be animated by St. Thomas and St. Mother Teresa SCC units respectively.

5.  We congratulate the First Holy Communicants who received the Lord yesterday for the first time.

6.  On the 14
th March (Saturday) we are going on a pilgrimage to Sardhana. Please register your name with the Catholic Association.

7.  Kindly pay your Church Support Fund regularly at the Help Desk.

8.  Parish Calendars are available in the Help Desk.

Fr Lawrence
Parish Priest