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6th Ordinary Sunday

Sacred Heart Cathedral
1, Ashok Place, New Delhi.
Church Notices 6th Ordinary Sunday           15th February, 2015

1.Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, this year we commence the Holy Season of Lent with Ash Wednesday, which falls on the 18th of February. Masses on the Ash Wednesday will be as per the week day schedule. As you are well aware, it is a day of fast and abstinence. Kindly note that we won’t have the Novena to our Lady of Perpetual Succor on Ash Wednesday.
2.This is a kind reminder to all of you to bring back the blessed Palm leaves which were given to you during last Palm Sunday, latest by tomorrow.  
3.As is the usual custom of the church, we will have the Stations of the Cross on all Fridays at 5 pm in Hindi and at 6.30 pm in English. We request all of you to take part in these special Lenten devotions to experience the tremendous mercy and compassion of God, Our Loving Father. We also earnestly urge you to be generous in your contributions during the Lenten days as it will be used for the campaign against hunger and disease.

Feasts in the coming week-: 21st February – St. Peter Damian

Rev. Fr. Maria Susai
Parish Priest