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First Sunday of Lent

Sacred Heart Cathedral
1, Ashok Place, New Delhi.
Church Notices First Sunday of Lent          22nd February, 2015

1.As is the usual custom of the church, we will have the Stations of the Cross on all Fridays at 5 pm in Hindi and at 6.30 pm in English. We earnestly urge you to be generous in your contributions during the Lenten days, and especially during the Stations of the Cross on all Fridays, which will be used for the campaign against hunger and disease.
2.Dear friends, the Stations of the Cross (on all Fridays) during the Lenten season will be organized by various Associations and groups of our parish which will be coordinated by the parish fathers. We request you to kindly follow the schedule given below.  

DATE                  HINDI –  5.00pm                              ENGLISH – 6.30pm
27-02-2015           Legion of Mary                                Aradhana Sisters
6-3-2015              Youth GroupSt.                                Vincent De Paul Society
13-3-2015            Catechism Children (Hindi)                Catechism Children (English)
20-3-2015            Choir and Altar Servers                     CJM Sisters
27-3-2015            Catholic Association                          Parish Council
3-4-2015              GOOD                                             FRIDAY
The Incharge or coordinators of the aforementioned associations and groups are requested to consult the parish fathers at least a week before to plan out the organizing of way of the cross in a meaningful way.
3.The Diocesan Catechetical Centre is organizing a Lenten retreat for the catechism teachers on the 8th of March. We request all the catechism teachers to enroll their names with Mr. Kishore by first of March.
4.Dear friends, our parish is organizing the Annual Lenten Convention starting from the 13th of March. We specially request all our parishioners to block these days (i.e. 13th, 14th and 15th of March) and all your assignments on these three days of Lenten Convention which would be in the evening from 6pm till 8pm. This will indeed be an opportunity to rededicate and renew our commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We invite all of you to be part of this convention.

Feast in the coming week-: 23rd February – St. Polycarp
Rev. Fr. Maria Susai
Parish Priest