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15th Ordinary Sunday

Sacred Heart Cathedral
1, Ashok Place, New Delhi.
Church Notices15th Ordinary Sunday          12th July, 2015

1.Being the second Sunday of the month, a second collection will be taken today at all masses for the seminary fund.
2.There will be Catholic Association meeting today after the 9am mass. CA members are requested to attend the meeting without fail.
3.All the youth members are requested to attend the youth meeting at 11.30am.
4.Dear parents, we will resume the catechism classes for the academic year 2015-16 today. We request all the parents to kindly enroll your children for the catechism classes and also ensure that your children attend the class every Sunday without fail.
5.Kindly note we are updating our Parish Directory. Catholic Association Volunteers are available at the help desk to update the records. You are requested to approach the help desk and cross check the details as you update the data by giving your mobile number and Email ID. We are planning to bring out the new Parish Directory in a couple of weeks from now and so we request you to co-operate with us in this endeavor.
6.  Feasts in the coming week: 15th July – St. Bonaventure
                                           16th July – St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Rev. Fr. Maria Susai
Parish Priest