Read Notices


1.  Today we celebrate “Missionary Childhood Sunday”.  We remember and pray for all the children that they may all be strengthened in faith.  There is a second collection towards the Holy Childhood Society Fund.  Kindly bring back the Holy childhood envelops with your contribution for the welfare of children in need.

2.  On 17th February Ash Wednesday, we begin the Holy Season of Lent. The blessing of Ash and Holy Mass on Ash Wednesday is at 6.30 am 1.00 pm and 6 pm.

3.  There will be Stations of the Cross every Thursday in Malayalam at 6.45 pm and every Friday at 5 pm Hindi and 6.30 pm in English. The collections taken after the Stations of the Cross will be for the Campaign against Hunger and Disease.


4.  The KG admission forms for Convent of Jesus and Mary School  and Mater Dei will be available online from 18.02.2021 to 04.03.2021. Please do all the necessary formalities in time.

5.  From the Easter Monday onwards Sacred Heart Cathedral will remain closed for renovation.

6.  Today we as the parish Community celebrate the Ruby Jubilee of the Ordination of our beloved Archbishop. We thank him for the courageous and exemplary leadership as a Shepherd and priest for the last 40 years in the Archdiocese.

Fr. Lawrence PR

Parish Priest