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“JOURNEY WITH THE WORD” - A One-Year Entire Bible Reading Challenge”

My dear friends in Christ Jesus! 
Greetings!  Peace be with you! 

I send you this message to invite you all to accept the Bible-reading challenge.

If you wish to take up this challenge as an experience, we can journey together in ““JOURNEY WITH THE WORD” - A One-Year Entire Bible Reading Challenge”. 

We will be reading the Bible daily from 6th of June on the “The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ”.  This is indeed an apt day to begin because Jesus is the WORD who became flesh and blood as St. John says in his gospel: “The Word became flesh and lived among us” (Jn 1:14). 

If you dare to take up this challenge of reading and journeying with the ‘WORD’, you will be able to read once the entire Bible, twice all the Four Gospels and thrice the Acts of the Apostles in 365 days.  I shall also post one Bible Verse every day to learn by-heart and make it the Word for Life for that particular day. 

Before we begin to read the Bible, it’s good that we know about the importance of the Word.  Kindly click this link to listen and to know why you should read the Bible-

If you are ready to take up this challenge, join this WhatsApp group.  You can also encourage your family members and friends to join:

Thank you!

May God bless us all!

Prayers, Love & Peace!

 Fr. Arokiya Raj J.