Read Notices


1. Soon after the procession there will be a short meeting of the leaders of different associations of this parish with nuncio at CJM.  All the members are requested to attend this meeting without fail.

2. Tea will be served at the parking ground.

3. Thanks to all those who came to do the decorations.

4. Registration is open for confirmation for children. Those who have not yet received confirmation kindly register your names. All those children who are regularly attending on line classes will be given the confirmation. 

5. Distance Education Programme in Theology of Vidyajyoti (Laity Theology) invites and requests you to join the 3rd annual seminar and convocation ceremony on 21st November 2021(Sunday), at 3.30 pm on Google meet. The theme of the seminar is witnessing Christian life and Dialogue. Kindly participate in this seminar.

6. St Michael SCC unit prayer meeting on 25th November 2021 at R/O Mr. Pious, 66/102.DIZ AREA SECTOR 3 GOLE MARKET.

7. Please note that we have placed new hymn books. Kindly don not take them away from the Church. 

8. Kindly pay your Church Support Fund regularly at the Help Desk. 

9. 2022, Parish Calendars are available at the Help Desk.

10.  Soon after the mass there will be a procession. The flowing will be the order of procession

a) Cross bearer, altar servers
b) The statue of the Sacred Heart
c) Followed by the parishioners
d) Flower Girls 
e) Followed by the Blessed Sacrament 

We will conclude the procession at CJM School.  Rosary will be recited and hymns sung during the procession. Kindly join the group that leads the prayer so that the whole procession will become a prayerful time for all of us. Kindly make two lines and maintain these two lines till the end. Please do not change the formation according to your choice, as it will create unnecessary problems. A humble request once again, kindly follow the instructions of the volunteers.

 Fr. Lawrence PR
Parish Priest