Read Notices


1.  We are happy to inform you that Rev Fr Francis Swaminathan has been appointed as the new Parish Priest of Sacred heart of Cathedral. He will be installed as the Parish Priest on the 17th of July, 2022.

2.  We have started the renovation of Our Cathedral.  We seek your prayerful support for the completion of the project. May I kindly request you to be generous in your contribution towards the renovation of the Cathedral. We thank St. Michaels SCC unit for they contributed Rs.1,00,202 /- towards the renovation .

3.  We thank all the parents who send their children for the Summer Camp. 30 children participated in the camp. Special thanks to all the organizers for the dedication and commitment. Especially we thank  Fr. Biju , Fr Aloysius, Pious, Leena Sunny ,Catherine  , Shaliny , Sandhya , Nalini  Askansha,  Avinash, and the entire Youth members and CJM sisters.

4.  The Universal Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the 24th of June. We will have a Truiduum in preparation for the Solemnity from the 21st of June. Holy Mass followed by the Benediction in the evening at 6.30.


5.  The catechism classes will begin in the month of July.  Those who would like to be part of the catechism department and would like to teach catechism to our children kindly contact the parish fathers. In the first Sunday of July there will be an orientation for the catechism teachers.