Read Notices


1.   We are happy to inform you that Rev Fr Francis Swaminathan has been appointed as the new Parish Priest of Sacred heart of Cathedral. He will be installed as the Parish Priest today evening at 6.30 pm. 

2.  We have started the renovation of Our Cathedral.  We seek your prayerful support for the completion of the project. May I kindly request you to be generous in your contribution towards the renovation of the Cathedral Envelops are available at the entrance of the DCC hall. Kindly Contribute generously for this noble cause. We have received ?30 lakhs up to 17th of July 2022.

3.  We thank St. John Paul II’s SCC unit for animating the 9 am  liturgy today.

4.  We thank Mt. Carmel’s SCC unit for animating the 10.15 am liturgy.

5.  Next Sunday St. Michael’s SCC unit will animate the 9 am liturgy and St. Monica’s SCC unit will animate the 10.15 am liturgy.

6.  We begin the catechism class today Kindy send your children.

Parish priest