Read Notices


1.  There will be a joint meeting of the parish council and Catholic Association of our parish at Maria Bahvan basement soon after the 9.00am mass in English.

2.  As is the usual custom of the church, we will have the Stations of the Cross on all Fridays at 1.30 pm in bilingual, 5 pm in Hindi and at 6.30 pm in English. We request all of you to take part in these special Lenten devotions to experience the tremendous mercy and compassion of God, Our Loving Father. We also earnestly urge you to be generous in your contributions during the Lenten days as it will be used for the campaign against hunger and disease.

3.  Dear friends, the Stations of the Cross (on all Fridays) during the Lenten season will be organized by various SCC units of our parish which will be coordinated by the parish fathers. We request you to kindly follow the schedule which is given to you.

4.  Hindi Bibles costing Rs 200/- and Hymn costing Rs. 150 are available at the help desk.

5.  A new book “Come I will give you rest” book costing Rs. 20/- is available for sale at the help desk. It is a help for adoration.

6.  Lentern retreat at Buradi Jeevan Jyothi Asharm from March 10-12 .Registration Rs.200. For the details kindly look at the notice board.

7.  This is to inform you that very soon there will be a reopening of the old graves at Burari Cemetery.  For the details kindly look at the notice board.

8.  Today there is an Orientation program for constitutional awareness at DCC hall from 2.30 pm to 5.00pm.  For the details kindly look at the notice board.

9.  Admission is open for classes 6 to 8 at St. Mary’s boys hostel at Rothak . The entrance exam will be conducted on 26th Feb today , 5th March and 12th March at Yusaf Sadan from 2.00pm onwards.

10.  Kindly do not take away the hymn books from the Church.

11.  Those who like to give the names for the readings in the church kindly give your name to Parish fathers.


Thursday:  At 6:30 pm in Malayalam

Friday:  At 1.30 pm in Bilingual


At 5:00 pm in Hindi

  At 6:30 pm in English

At Carmel:   Tuesday at 2:30 pm

At Mater Dei:  Friday at 6:00 pm

Fr. Francis Swaminathan

Parish Priest