Parish Priest’s Message

Dear Friends!

“Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ.” St. John Marie Vianney.

On 4th of August, we celebrate Vianney Sunday. We gratefully remember all the priests who had rendered their selfless service to Sacred Heart Cathedral from its very inception. We pray for all our former Parish Priests who worked in this Cathedral beginning with Fr Luca Vannuchi,the one who built this magnificent Cathedral in the year 1935. Fr Columbo OMC was appointed the first Chaplain to the Parish in 1929 even before the Cathedral was built. He was succeeded by Fr Gabriel OC, Fr Sylvester OSFC and Fr Abraham. In 1940, Fr Alban Swarbrick OFM Cap took over the charge of Sacred Heart Cathedral, followed by Fr Lawrence OFM Cap for a year. He was succeeded by Fr John Burke, who, in 1959 became the first bishop of Simla-Chandigarh Diocese. Most Rev Angelo Fernandes then assumed the office of the administrator of the Sacred Heart Cathedral until he appointed Rev Fr I dos Santos to the same office. He held this office till Fr Vincent Concessao became the parish Priest in 1990. As Fr Vincent was made the Auxiallary Bishop of Delhi in 1995, Fr Charles D’souza succeeded him as the parish priest. Fr Joe Thomas took over from him in 1999 for a brief period. Fr Susai Sebastian was the parish priest from 2000 -2005, Fr Januario Rebello from 2005- 2011 and Fr Maria Susai from 2011- 2016. We also remember the all the assistant priests who served in the parish over the years.

As we celebrate the feast of John Mary Vianney, we bow our head in prayer for all the above mentioned stalwarts of Sacred Heart Cathedral. May the Good Lord bless them all abundantly.

Keep praying for your priests. May we have many more priests in the mould of St. John Marie Vianney.

Fr. Lawrence P.R
  (Parish Priest)