Parish Priest’s Message

Dear Friends!

The New Year 2019 has dawned upon us. The Church begins the New Year with the solemnity of Mary Mother of God. Reminding us of the important role Mother Mary has played in the salvation history. At the beginning of this year, this great feast is also an invitation to each one of us to be open to say yes to God like Mary our Mother said. Not to allow the difficulties that glares at us from stopping us to say yes but to keep on saying yes everyday to God’s will. Jesus by His incarnation began the new Era of humanity and Mary was instrumental in beginning that new Era. When we say yes to an opportunity to do good in our life, we are in fact imitating Mary the Mother of God. May this New Year be a time of deep spiritual growth for everyone of us. May this year usher in a thirst to rebuild the broken relationships in our family, society, nation and the world at large.

Happy New Year!

Fr. Lawrence P.R
  (Parish Priest)