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MASS SCHEDULE FROM 26.03.2023 TO 01.04.2023


           1, Ashok Place, New Delhi – 110001


S U N D A Y   MA S S E S – C A T H E D R A L               

TIME                                     CELEBRANT                    CONFESSOR                      

Saturday        06.00pm   (English)               Fr. Arnold David

SUNDAY           06.30 am   (English)            Fr. Aloysious

07.30 am  (Malayalam)          Fr.  

09.00 am   (English)              Most Rev Archbishop Anil     

10.15 am   (Hindi)                 Fr. Francis Swaminathan      

11.30 am   (English)              Fr. Maria Charles            

04.00 pm  (Hindi)                 Fr.  Nicholas Barla

06.00 pm  (English)              Fr. Arnold David

S U N D A Y   MA S S E S – M A S S   C E N T R E S

CARMEL                              07.30 am          (Hindi)        Fr. Nicholas Dias

I.S.I                                       07.30 am         (Hindi)          Fr. John Britto

MATER DEI                         07.30 am         (Hindi)         Fr. Aloysious

W E E K D A Y  M A S S E S –C A T H E D R A L

                                                           06.30 am   Fr. Francis Swaminathan 

                                                           01.00 pm   Fr. Arnold David

                                                            06.00pm   Fr. Nicholas Dias

W E E K D AY   M A S S E S – C H A P E L S

CARMEL           06:30am    Fr. Rohan                           JMC  07:00 am Fr. Sunil Crasta 

 MATERDEI     06:15am    Fr. Sunil Crasta                  CJM  06:15am   Fr. Selvadass



Wednesday:Novena to Mother of Perpetual Succour & Benediction     

Friday        : Devotion to Sacred Heart &Benediction. Divine Mercy Chaplet every Friday at 3.00 pm.

There will be Divine Mercy Mass on First Friday of the month at 3.00 pm at Cathedral.

Fr. Francis Swaminathan

Parish Priest