Parish Priest’s Message

Christmas is a time where we all celebrate this feast with joy and happiness. And it has come to everybody, not only Christians, not only Catholics, but to everyone. They all celebrate Christmas. And unfortunately, that message today or celebration is not what it's supposed to be. Rather it has become a message of Santa Claus. Everybody looks forward for Santa Claus. In fact, Santa Claus is a visible sign of the message of Christmas. Jesus was born, was sent by God to bring God's love to us and the love we showed by his life, so that we receive that love. And in that love, we love one another. So it's a time, a great message that is given to us, that message from God through angel that God loves. So angel went and told Mary that his love is coming to you through you for the world, by baby Jesus. And then the message to Joseph, then also the message to Zechariah and Elizabeth. All these are messages. In fact, these are just not a message, but God's will. So Christmas is a time when we celebrate with joy this festival. It's a time when it rejoice, because not for Santa, but we got now God's will with us. So far we were being led by our own will. So we were fighting, we had enmity, we had no love, we have no peace. But now, when God comes with his will, it brings peace, it brings joy, it brings love and it brings God closer to us. So God, Emmanuel, God is with us So that is what the whole celebration is. Now God has come to us. So we are happy people. So far, we didn't have God, we had our own will. Now God's will brings God to us. And so that is why we celebrate. And God's will comes as love. So we also call to love. That's why Santa Claus becomes a symbol, some way to bring the Christmas spirit of love. Love the poor, the needy, the hungry, the unloved, the deprived. And that's why Santa Claus, saint Nicholas becomes Santa Claus that way. And then he had the poor. And that's why the socks in the Christmas tree, symbol of that, the socks is to go and put the gifts in the socks for the poor and the needy. And the gifts you get the gift and is to be happy. And so we need to do the same thing. Not to highlight Santa Claus as an event festival, but then to be Santa of bringing the joy, love and care to the poor and needy and all those whom we encounter in our day to day life. This is what God's love is. And he says, if you love me, you need to love one another. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. God bless you.
God Bless!!!!

Fr. Francis Swaminathan
  (Parish Priest)