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1. 1.Themonth of May is dedicated to Mother Mary. We have rosary every day at the grottoat 6.00 pm followed by the Holy Eucharist. You are also requested  to organizerosary in your SCC Units, in your neighborhood and in your family.

2. 2. Today,the Diocesan Community Centre Library is organizing a seminar on digitaleducation on Sunday May 14, 2023 from 10.30am 12.00 pm at DCC hall. For thedetails kindly look at the notice board.

3. 3. JesusYouth is organizing a musical concert on 28t May 2023 to celebrate Pentecost atEdmund Rice Hall, St. Coulmba’s School.

4. 4. Todaywe have youth election at 12,30 pm.

5. 5. 31stMay is end of the rosary month; we will have Rosary at 06.00 pm followed bymass.

6. 6. TodayMission Delhi AIIMS is organizing a free health camp for cardiac from 10.30 pmto 01.00 pm.

7. 7. Wehave almost completed the house blessing. If any house is remaining kindlyinform the Parish Priest.

8. 8. Allthose who have not registered kindly register your name and also update yourChurch Support Fund.


Fr. Francis Swaminathan

Parish Priest