Read Notices


1. Today a second collection will be taken for the seminary fund.

2. All those who have not registered in the parish kindly do so and also update your church support fund regularly.

3. We request all the catechism children to come for 9.00 am English mass and thereafter attend catechism classes at St. Columba’s school. Parents kindly encourage your children to attend these classes regularly. 

4. Those who would like to sponsor refreshments for the catechism children may kindly contact the Parish Help Desk. 

5. On 10th February 2024, the Catholic Association of our parish is organizing a pilgrimage to Sardhana. The bus ticket prices are 500/- for adults and 300/- for children. For additional details, please refer to the flex outside the church. 

6. This is to inform you all that there are numerous vacancies available in Delhi Catholic Archdiocesan Schools for various posts. For further please refer to the parish notice board. 

7. Today the Department of Cultural and Tribal Affairs of New Delhi YMCA is organizing the Tribal Festival from 10.00 am onwards at New Delhi YMCA. 

8. The department of Christian Emphasis of the New Delhi YMCA is organizing a show titled “Mighty Acts of God” during the Passion Week. It will be held on 29th March in English and 30th March in Hindi, 7:15 pm onwards. 

9. On February 11th, we will be celebrating Holy Childhood Sunday with a special liturgy dedicated to praying for all children, and there will a second collection. Envelopes for Holy Childhood Sunday are available. All BEC Animators are kindly requested to collect the envelopes and distribute them in your respective units. Please ensure the envelopes are collected back by the end of February. 

Parish Priest 

Fr. Francis Swaminathan