Read Notices


1.  All those who have not registered in the parish kindly do so and also update your church support fund regularly.

2. Membership forms for the new tenure of the Catholic Association are available. Those who would like to become a member of the Catholic Association may kindly take the forms from the parish help desk.

3.  Mahila Sangh form are available, those who would like to join may kindly collect them from the parish help desk.

4. We have begun the Easter Blessings. If any new families have recently joined the parish, kindly bring it to the notice of the parish priest.

5. In the month of May, we will have the Holy Rosary at 6:00 PM followed by Mass.

6. Our Archbishop has appealed for your generous contribution towards the renovation of Vinay Gurukul, the minor seminary of the Archdiocese of Delhi. Please consider making a generous contribution for this noble cause. For more details kindly see the notice board.

7. New Delhi YMCA is organizing a children’s conference on creative development of body, mind and spirit from 3th to 7th June at Delhi YMCA Nizamuddin Division. For more details kindly see the notice board.

8. New Liturgy Committee has been formed. The members of the committee are, Rosebin, Urmila Lakra, Rani, Veronica, and Rajeev Lakra. We congratulate them all.

Fr. Francis Swamianthan

Parish Priest